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From Head to Toe: 5 Hats and Boots for Hunting

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Here are 5 great hats and boots to keep you covered from head to toe this hunting season.

Hats and boots are quite possibly the two most important pieces of hunting clothing you purchase. It is important to make sure that when you purchase you get something that you will enjoy for years, but also something that will fit your needs.

Check out these examples of great hats and boots that you can use while hunting this coming season.


1. HotHands Heated Balaclava

The HotHands Heated Balaclava can be a great head cover to keep you warm in the winter. It comes with pockets over the ears to place HotHands hand warmers inside. With the hand warmers your ears will be warm no matter how cold it gets outside.

Get yours from Bass Pro Shops for only $17.99.

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Bass Pro Shops


2. Men’s Gamehide Elimitick Bug Proof Facemask

The Gamehide Elimitick Bug Proof Facemask looks to be a great value for the spring and early fall hunter. It has mesh over the eyes and mouth with will keep the bugs out but aslo keep any glasses you are wearing from fogging over.

This item is available in Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Infinity, and a Seashell pattern from The Sportsman’s Guide for $16.69.

Hats and boots 2
The Sportsman’s Guide


3. Scent-Lok Full Season Ultimate Head cover

The Scent-Lok Full Season Ultimate Headcover is a lightweight hat option that will help keep you hidden from sight as well as keeping your scent under control.

The hat comes in Realtree Xtra, Vertigo Grey, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, and Predator Deception Brown patterns and can be purchased from Bass Pro Shops for $39.99.

Hats and boots 3
Bass Pro Shops

4. Redhead 3D Evolution Hunting Hoods for Men

The Redhead 3D Evolution Hunting Hood does an amazing job of concealing you in the hunting woods. Not only does it offer many different choices of camouflage patterns, it does so in 3D. This means that your outline will always be broken up and you will not stick out.

This hood is also a good bargain at only $19.99 from Bass Pro Shops.

Hats and boots 4
Bass Pro Shops


5. Redhead Outback Hats

The Redhead Outback Hat is a great option for hunting of any kind. It will protect you from the sun and rain and put shadows on your face for concealment at the same time. An overall great hat for any hunt but used along with some of the other head coverings can be lethal.

Available in two patterns for $19.99 from Bass Pro Shops.

Hats and boots 5
Bass Pro Shops

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1. Cabela’s 15″ Pinnacle Zippered Snake Boots with GORE-TEX Scent-Lok

These boots are perfect for spring, summer, and early fall. They are uninsulated but are waterproof and have 15 inches of snake protection. They are easy to take on and off with a zipper and even have Scent-Lok technology to keep your smelly feet to yourself.

These are available in a Mossy Oak Infinity pattern from Cabela’s for $151.99.

Hats and boots 6


2. Rocky 16″ ProLite Snake Boots

Rocky has built these snake boots with the idea of a lightweight summer boot. They are lightweight and flexible and have a mesh moisture system that enables you to wear these boots to hunt all day long with no issues including worrying about snakes with the 16 inches of protection offered by these tough boots.

They come in Mossy Oak Break-Up from Cabela’s for $119.99.

Hats and boots 7


3. Muck Arctic Pro Boots

For winter hunting or for hunting in an extremely wet environment these are a great choice of boot. These boots are 100 percent waterproof and have 2mm of insulation to keep you warm as you are trekking through wet grounds.

They are a slip-on boot and come in Mossy Oak Break-Up color pattern for $194.99 at Cabela’s.

Hats and boots 8


4. Cabela’s Pinnacle Boa Extreme 800-Gram Boots

The Pinnacle Boa Extreme may be one of the best winter hunting boots you can find. It will be hard to find a tall winter boot that will fit better than this one with its built in revolutionary Boa lacing system. The system makes sure that your feet and calves are as tight as possible so that there is no extraneous movement while at the same time ensuring that there is no pinching.

They are lightweight and come in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity from Cabela’s for $239.99.

Hats and boots 9


5. Herter’s 2,000-Gram Waterproof Hunting Boots

If you are doing a lot of trekking through the woods in the winter these 2,000-gram waterproof boots are a great option. They are lightweight and are great for long distance hikes because of footpads and shock absorption.

They come in Realtree Xtra and they are very affordable from Cabela’s at just $109.99.

Hats and boots 10

Now you’ll stay nice and warm for your winter hunting excursions!

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From Head to Toe: 5 Hats and Boots for Hunting