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Dog vs. Bull Moose Incident on the Yukon River Will Have You Fuming

Here’s a case of a dog that should have been leashed long before a full grown bull moose reached the shore. This could have been heartbreaking.

According to the title of this video this event took place somewhere on the Yukon River. Some people were taking a great video of a bruising Bull Moose swimming when they should have been making sure that their dog was safe.

Here’s what happens when a canine that doesn’t have a clue as to what it’s up against try to ‘bark down’ a bus with antlers.

First of all don’t blame the dog. Canines are pack animals, even domestic ones, and they need a good leader. Dogs are only as smart as their owner and act like they are taught. Yelling their name over and over is the oldest trick in the lazy dog owner book.

Even well trained animals can be a slave to distraction, and I’d say a full grown moose is quite the distraction. In fact I’d go as far to say that there are quite a few things along the Yukon River that could be a big distraction and also very dangerous for a dog.

In any event I was done when someone can be overheard at the last 18 second mark as to whether or not they should shoot a warning shot over the moose.

As the great comedian Bill Engvall likes to say: “Here’s your sign” ‘Nuff said.



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Dog vs. Bull Moose Incident on the Yukon River Will Have You Fuming