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Head Hangerz European Mount Brackets Securely Display Your Trophies

Nate Anderson and Luc Douglas combined their shared love of hunting with Nate's business experience and Luc's fabricating skill to create Head Hangerz european mount brackets.

Elegantly simple. One piece of steel with one engineered bend in it. The Head Hangerz brackets aren't much on complexities, but screw them onto a wall and they'll hold everything from a bobcat to a bison skull as securely and squarely as you could hope.

All you have to do is find a stud and run the one included powder coated screw into into it.

You can choose from a range of colors and sizes, all powder coated to stand up to the elements. If you were looking for an outdoor mount hanging solution, you've found it.


After multiple iterations of trial and error during the development phase, Luc discovered that making the end of the bracket square held skulls in place most effectively. Asymmetrical racks that weighed more on one side would tend to rotate otherwise.

The final product catches the interior of the skull just right and keeps the mount at whatever orientation is desired.

The two bowhunters turned small business owners are excited about sharing their product with the rest of the hunting community. They feel like they've created a cost-effective, U.S. made, durable product that will allow hunters to proudly and safely display their successes from the field. But they aren't stopping with wall mounts.

The guys launched a line of free-standing table top mounts they've named Skull Standz that work great on end tables or desks. Now your antlers don't have to be relegated to a wall; they can be enjoyed in all their three dimensional beauty.


You can order Head Hangerz brackets directly from their website and follow them on Facebook.

It takes a fair amount of courage to invest in and get behind a product you've created, but that's the American spirit. Nate and Luc are doing just that as they manage their day time jobs and work to get the word out about their mounting solutions.

If you want to hear more about their story, subscribe to The Thinking Woodsman Podcast and listen in to the upcoming March episode for an interview with Nate.


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Head Hangerz European Mount Brackets Securely Display Your Trophies