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Hawk and Snake Combine to Start Brushfire and Power Outage [PICS]

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A hawk and snake starting a wildfire and knocking the power out for a few hundred people? San Diego firefighters make a “shocking” discovery.

Last Tuesday, June 9, more than 400 people lost power to their homes while 80 firefighters and a water-dumping helicopter battled a four-acre wildfire.

The cause of both the outage and the fire appears to have been the result of a hawk attempting to dine on the snake from a live power transformer. San Diego Fire-Rescue responded to an early-morning call of a brushfire near the General Atomics building in Torrey Pines, California. Police evacuated businesses in the area above the hill where the brushfire raged, but firefighters safely contained the blaze in about an hour’s time.

Fire investigators also found the bodies of what they believe was responsible for the fire at its source. A large brown hawk and a snake were found at the spot beneath where a tranformer had exploded and started the fire. It is believed that the hawk, with the snake in its talons, had landed atop the live transformer, causing the explosion and subsequently the wildfire.

413 people in the Torrey Pines area also lost power from the explosion for around 90 minutes. An estimated $10,000 in damages to San Diego Gas & Electric equipment also occurred.

Some Twitter users immediately reported the situation:

A hawk, with a snake in its talons, landed on power lines this AM knocking out power to hundreds in Torrey Pines.

— Jason Martinez (@10NewsJason) June 9, 2015


@SDFD crews aggressively attacking 4 acre brush fire in Sorrento Valley.

— SDFD (@SDFD) June 9, 2015

This appears to be one of those cases where nature and human civilization collide, with unwelcome consequences for everyone involved, both human and animal.

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Hawk and Snake Combine to Start Brushfire and Power Outage [PICS]