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Hawk Knocks Woman Out Cold in Her Driveway

A red-tail hawk terrorized a Pennsylvania woman in her driveway last Saturday.

The aggressive hawk dive bombed Forest Hills resident Eileen Bridge while she was washing her car, knocking her out cold.

“…When I came up, it just blind-sided me, hit me,” Bridge told KDKA.

The attack left bridge with a black eye and facial, scalp and ear lacerations. She looked so roughed up that her husband, Pat Bridge, said she looked “like a combat veteran.”

Pat almost suffered the same fate a few days earlier, when the same hawk dive bombed him while he was walking across the yard.

“From behind, I heard this rushing air and wind sound,” he told local news. “It was that hawk. It just glanced off the top of my head.”

The hawk also has it out for the neighborhood pets. The Bridge’s neighbor, Lynn Cassidy said the hawk tried to take her chihuahau and Jack Russell terrier earlier in the week.

The (insert expletive of choice) bird is one of two hawks that recently built a nest in a pine tree behind the Bridges’ home.

A local bird expert said the bird is probably being over-protective of its nest. The state commission plans to relocate the hawks and the babies.

Has a hawk ever terrorized you or you pets? Share your story in the comments section. 


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Hawk Knocks Woman Out Cold in Her Driveway