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Hawk Attacks Dog, Owner “Steps” In [VIDEO]

They say dogs are man’s best friend. Well, it looks like it’s time that man returns the favor.

In this video out of Russia, a family spends an afternoon in a park with their small, yappy dog.

About 20 seconds into the video, much to the dismay of several small children with particularly piercing screams, the dog is attacked by a hawk.

The owner, being particularly quick thinking, steps on the hawk, who looks, well, a little confused by the whole thing.

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The hawk ends up flying away just fine, and the dog survives as well. There may have been a couple traumatized children on hand, but that’s about it.

It turns out that hawks and other raptors can be a pretty big threat to small, yappy pets. Redtails alone have been known to carry off game as large at 15 pounds.

Our recommendation? Keep your small, yappy dog on a leash, like the guys in this video. Or just get a bigger dog.

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Hawk Attacks Dog, Owner “Steps” In [VIDEO]