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Hawaiian Camping Company Offers Campsite Setup Services

Makai Camping Company

Makai Camping Company takes care of your campsite setup so you don’t have to.

One of the most dreaded parts of camping is dealing with all of your gear. You have to unload all of it from your vehicle and set it up at your campsite. When your trip is over, you need to take it all down again and load it up.

A new company in Hawaii takes care of all that and more for you.

The Makai Camping Company finds a campsite, purchases your permit, provides all necessary equipment, sets it up at your site, and then takes it all down. You have nothing to worry about except to show up and have fun.

Alexis Hujar launched the company after she couldn’t find anywhere to rent camping equipment.

“There just wasn’t anything out there so we decided to start Makai Camping Company,” Hujar told KITV 4 News. “What we do is go and help you get your permit . We do all the setup, take down, we provide you with a tent, coolers, all your bedding need, and anything else you could want.”

The company operates in Oahu and provides their services to three different camping locations on the island’s beaches.

They offer various packages from basic to comfort, depending on the kind of experience you want. The basic package starts at $99, and their comfort package is $199-$229.

You can also work with them to plan your own packages for a completely custom experience.

This unique idea is really paying off, as they receive great reviews from their customers. They have plans to keep expanding their services around the island of Oahu and possibly to other islands.

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Hawaiian Camping Company Offers Campsite Setup Services