Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Will be Fished Over the Limit This Season

People in Hawaii eat the most ahi tuna of the year during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

However, anglers reached the annual catch limit in August, which could have driven already high ahi prices even higher for holiday parties.

A federal judge ruled that longline fishermen could go over the 3,500 metric ton limit for the holidays.

A National Marine Fisheries Service rule allows anglers to go over the limit because additional limits from the Northern Marianas and Guam can be allocated to fishing vessels in Hawaii.

Fishermen from the Marianas and Guam each have a 1,000-metric-ton limit. Anglers in the Marianas reached the limit at the end of November, but fishermen from Guam only used 33% of their limit.

A federal judge upheld the rule early in the week before Christmas.

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