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Hawaii Bag Limits for Aquarium Fish Are Changing [VIDEO]

Acrylic Aquarium

You better check the regs the next time you go to Hawaii to get some aquarium fish…

If you want to go within three nautical miles of Oahu to try to get some aquarium fish, the rules are changing. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources will be enforcing new rules on net sizes, along with daily bag limits, and size limits.

These new rules came about due to requests from different groups of aquarium fish collectors. This short clips breaks down the details.

“So the regulations are there to provide guidance to not only the novice collectors but also to people currently at the fishery so that they don’t overcrowd their vessels and don’t use more gear than they need to,” said Alton Miyasaka of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural ResourcesAquatic Resources Division.

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Hawaii Bag Limits for Aquarium Fish Are Changing [VIDEO]