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Have You Seen These New NRA Empowered Women Ads? You Should

These NRA empowered women ads are causing a lot of commotion. 

The NRA just went and did it. As you are about to see, the NRA is striking back at the very core of the establishment trying everything they can to limit gun rights. As we have been seeing in the media, guns have been the focal point of political attacks whether justified or not. Now, the NRA is showing exactly what gun rights mean to not just empowered women, but all citizens across America.

Check this first out from the NRA and Dana Loesch. Try not get goosebumps.

This ad is right. More women are concealed carrying than ever before. Also, women purchasing firearms are at all time high. Loesch is passionate about this subject and she should be.

Now here's another one. This time, thankfully this lady didn't listen.

Honestly, this sort of thing is so cool to hear. We've all be told negative these things our whole lives about guns and our freedoms. One thing is for sure, it makes me half wonder about what the intentions are of the people who preach it. Doesn't it you too?

Okay, last one. This is what "never again" really means.

I would personally like to thank the NRA for putting this together. It's powerful. It's real. It's what you won't hear in the mainstream media. What it all comes down to is our personal responsibility and the ability for us to depend on ourselves for our own protection.

The world is turning into a real scary place. Luckily, we still have the ability to do defend ourselves from it. However, it's up to us to do it.

Here's to hoping this message catches on.


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Have You Seen These New NRA Empowered Women Ads? You Should