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Have You Heard of Gunmoji? #ArmYourPhone with This Amazing New App


Emojis don't kill people, people kill people. Apple reportedly is replacing the gun emoji with a water pistol when iOS 10 rolls out, but Gunmoji plans to hand you a full arsenal instead!

Gun laws, guns talk, and the gun debate dominates the media these days. And as elections approach, it will only increase. If you haven't heard, Apple plans to do away with the gun emoji on their products, but a new app called Gunmoji is here to save the day.

Gunmoji's battle cry has even been given a hashtag. #ArmYourPhone is the phrase and it is pretty catchy. Apple gave in to all the political pressure and plans to replace the black pistol emoji we have all come accustom to with a little green water gun.

Below is a picture of the future if you hadn't seen it yet. Ridiculous, we know.

Photo via BeforeItsNews

Emojis in context are a "language", and if Apple attempts to erase these, it is actually a type of censorship. This brings up some scary questions on how far it could and it might go.

According to Gunmoji's webpage, they state "we type the letters G-U-N will they be auto-corrected to S-U-N, P-U-N, or F-U-N or not shown at all?" It is an interesting topic and concern. All in all, it is just a little picture, but it is just another jab that is infringing on what we believe in as the gun community.

If you want to stay in the loop and be informed when Gunmoji is released, check out Gunmoji's website and get signed up!

Based off the images, these emojis look super real and super legit! Detailed shotguns, rifles, and pistols fill the screen.

Don't forget to #ArmYourPhone.


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Have You Heard of Gunmoji? #ArmYourPhone with This Amazing New App