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Have You Ever Seen Black Flies This Bad?!

This black fly video is guaranteed to make your skin itch!

David Lee goes by the moniker ‘The Passionate Paddler’ – which certainly is fitting, as he is constantly seeking out thrilling wilderness adventures from his trusty canoe across parts of Ontario, Canada. For those that have spent any time in the northern wilds of Ontario during the spring, however, one common complaint are the blood-thirsty black flies which can often be unrelenting and beyond annoying.

After a recent paddle trip, Lee posted this short video to his Facebook page. As you are about to see, the swarming of hundreds of black flies is enough to make you go mad.

Lee wrote the following description to go with an image he also posted: “At the road, we took a break out in the open, thinking the blackflies would be less fierce there. No such luck. In fact, they were worse. But since we all needed food and water, we endured it the best way we could – covered up. I personally drank straight through the mesh so I didn’t have to unzip the hood, but with food, it took some deft handling. If you ever wonder why one would pay for the Elite version of The Original Bug Shirt, one reason is because it has 2 zippers, and zips from the top. This allows you to control the opening, and lets you put food in your mouth without bringing in the whole gang. Sometimes, paying for extra features can be trivia, but definitely not in this case. Every extra cent was worth it.”

David Lee

Thanks for braving the wilds doing what you love, David. It takes a hardy soul to put up with that assault from a flying insect.

To read more on Lee’s adventures, check out his blog: The Passionate Paddler



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Have You Ever Seen Black Flies This Bad?!