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Have You Ever Seen a Flock of Surfing Geese? [VIDEO]

This flock of geese are heading down a swollen river fast…to surf some sweet barrel waves. 

This video was taken at Glenwood Springs in Colorado during a really high water flow in 2011.

The guy filming was originally filming some kayakers surfing the giant waves when he saw a flock of geese heading toward the swell.

This wave was actually built for recreational use on the Colorado River; kayakers and surfers can surf the continuous wave.

The engineers of this wave said that they have been watching this flock of geese since they were goslings. While people would kayak and surf the wave, the goslings would follow.

As you can see in the video, the geese would stay on the front of the wave, basically surfing it. Then the Big Kahuna goose swims up and actually uses its wings to propel itself farther in front of the wave. Those are some good paddle techniques that it picked up from definitely surfing that wave before.

So are these geese surfing for the thrill of it or did they just get sucked in? Either way, shaka brah, dudes.

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Have You Ever Seen a Flock of Surfing Geese? [VIDEO]