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Have You Ever Had a Whitetail Walk up This Close?

Scott Wells

Another reason to carry an action camera.

Without video proof, it's really difficult to convince your friends that a deer randomly walked up to you in a field and then let you pet it for a while. Fortunately, these people kept their action camera handy to get some really great footage of the unimaginable.

When was the last time that a whitetail walked up and let you pet them?

Awesome footage, Scott!

Next time that you plan on venturing out into the woods for a hunt, hike or scouting adventure, don't forget to pack and document your experience with an action camera! One of the most unique new action cameras for 2016 is the VIRB by Garmin. Though the VIRB might be small, there's no doubt that it's one of the most gadget packed cameras on the market.

garmin virb, action camera

What makes this action camera stand out from the already crowded market of similar products is the fact that it has the capability to document more than digital images and video. This camera actually has the technology to keep track of G-force, speed, altitude and GPS location. Having these awesome features at your finger tips, not only allows you to keep track of important data that would otherwise have to be recorded with another unit, but also allows you to tell a much better story!

Awesome job team Garmin, this one is a keeper!


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Have You Ever Had a Whitetail Walk up This Close?