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Have Wilson Combat Customize Your Remington 870

remington 870
James Yeager

Feeling like a custom Remington 870? Just have Wilson Combat soup it up.

When it comes to producing world-class shotguns, the team at Remington has it figured out. The Remington 870 has been one of the finest pump action shotguns available for both sporting and tactical shooters.

Take a look at what Wilson Combat can do if you want to take your 870 to the next level.

Umm, yes please!

If your Remington 870 needs some conditioning, or you're just looking to kick your home defense gun up a notch or two, the "Remington Steal" package from Wilson Combat will do all that and more. From fully rebuilding the trigger to converting to a 3-inch chamber, Wilson Combat will make your standard 870 a flawlessly built shotgun that will have you wondering why you didn't choose to do this sooner.

Check out how to customize your 870 here. Awesome job, team Wilson Combat!

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Have Wilson Combat Customize Your Remington 870