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Hasenpfeffer for Breakfast from 190 Yards with the .17HMR [VIDEO]

This rabbit at 190 yards did not stand a chance. Who's ready for some hasenpfeffer for breakfast?

A hunter with a .17 HMR chambered rifle makes a perfect hit and has hasenpfeffer for breakfast.

Watch as this hunt plays out.

The .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire cartridge is quite a rabbit stopper.

Hunting in this beautiful countryside must be a treat. The rolling landscape and rock walls make for a perfect long distance hunting spot.

At a full 190 yards this hunter snipes a rabbit sitting on a rock wall with precision. The rabbit goes down very quickly with this explosively expanding ballistic tip cartridge.

The man's freshly killed rabbit became his breakfast and also a snack for his ferrets. Good shooting, sir. Nice shooting equipment there, too.


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Hasenpfeffer for Breakfast from 190 Yards with the .17HMR [VIDEO]