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Harsher Punishments Passed for Hunting Violations in Montana [PICS]


Harsher punishments have been named for those in Montana who break hunting regulations or harass legitimate hunting activities. 

Poachers and law breakers will now face increased punishments for violations in Montana. New legislation passed in October 2015 introduces Bill 150 that brings harsher punishment to those who break the State’s wildlife laws.

The regulations specifically target those who shoot from highways or use vehicles to harass and herd animals.

Another change brings elevated powers of punishments to those who harass law-abiding outdoors persons conducting legitimate hunting in the state.

Local hunters support the new bill as a positive step towards increased enforcement. Ben Huyard, an archery hunter, had this to say:

“I’m passionate about hunting and I think at the heart of it is really getting out there, getting off the road, and making it a fair sport.”

Violators who would shoot at game from major roads or highways face an automatic two-year suspensions of their hunting and fishing privileges. Those who would harass and disrupt legal hunting activities could not only face fines and imprisonment, but also lose their hunting privileges as well.

The new bill has been passed to increase conservation efforts and fairness for Montana’s hunting community.

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Harsher Punishments Passed for Hunting Violations in Montana [PICS]