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Harlem Residents Freak Out Over Wild Deer in Local Park

wild deer

This is one place you just wouldn’t expect to find a wild deer. 

Harlem, New York: famous for its culture, history, and more things than we can list. Wild deer populations thriving in Jackie Robinson park don’t make that list. Amongst the almost 10 acres of this inner city park, several walking trails and woods areas do exist. Recently, residents near the Harlem landmark noticed something they just didn’t think they would ever see in real life.

As you just heard, crowds were gathering all day to see the deer themselves right off of 146th street of downtown Harlem.

“You can tell we are all city folk because are out here with our cameras and we’re like ‘It’s a deer!'” said the woman in the news clip.

Bambi or Rudolph, regardless of what the neighborhood nickname turns out to be, it’s still an incredible sight. People really are not quite sure how the little buck actually got inside the park in the first place. However, many think it swam to the island and is now stuck.

Luckily for the deer, the local park rangers are making sure that people keep their distance so the deer can stay as wild as it can, at least for now.


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Harlem Residents Freak Out Over Wild Deer in Local Park