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Hardcore Fisherman’s Wish List

The hardcore fisherman will face down virtually any turn in the weather if it means scoring a record-breaking catch. This is the kind of person who will battle a 200 pound monster for four hours and still have as much energy and excitement once the thing is reeled in as they did when they started. In essence, a hardcore fisherman lives and breathes a life of fishing, and their holiday wish list reflects that passion.

So what can you get for the hardcore fisherman (or woman) in your life this holiday season? There are many options, from the exorbitantly expensive – a Mako fishing boat, perhaps, if your budget is inexhaustible and you are feeling particularly generous – to technological advancements that can add some extra fun and adventure to a day on the lake or the ocean.

Abu Garcia Revo MGXTREME Baitcasting Reel ($499): If you are looking for the most advance fishing reel on the market, then this one is certainly in the running. With a remarkably lightweight construction – only 4.9 ounces – the Abu Garcia Revo MGXTREME is designed for long casts and heavyweight fish battles, with a 10 bearing system and aircraft grade gear system standing out as just a few of its desirable features. An Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rod ($149.99) serves as the perfect companion rod, with a 36 ton graphite blank and a lightweight but extremely durable titanium construction that can go blow for blow with the reel.

hardcore - revoPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Fish Finders and GPS: Why should a modern hunter have to search tirelessly for the best fishing spots if technology has found ways to do it automatically? There is quite a range of fishfinders and fishing GPS units out there to choose from, from the Magellan eXplorist 610 Handheld GPS Unit ($399.99), which provides detailed maps of thousands of water bodies, along with “Point of Interest” fishing spot recommendations, to the Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter ($2,399.99), which uses sonar to detect nearby fish. Don’t let the $2,000 price difference fool you either: both products are terrific and are big hits as holiday gift ideas.

hardcore - lowrancePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Rapala Fish ‘n Fillet Knife ($18.99): Shopping for a hardcore fisherman can be a difficult task to complete on a tight budget, largely because most of the fun fishing toys on the market these days are state of the art and, as a result, quite expensive. With that said, this beautiful fillet knife, with a stainless steel blade and a birch handle, is perfect for preparing fish for grilling, pan searing, or frying.

hardcore - rapalaPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

GOAL ZERO Nomad ($279.99): No matter the outdoor adventure, sometimes, a bit of extra power is required for everything from boat motors to batteries and electronic devices. The GOAL ZERO Nomad is a portable solar panel that can collect up to 27 watts of energy from nothing more than the sun. Sold-separately attachments – including a pack for a trolling motor – make the charging capabilities of the nomad quite versatile. You can bet that a hardcore fisherman will love testing all of the options that this remote energy source makes possible.

hardcore - goal zeroPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Hardcore Fisherman’s Wish List