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What Happens When The Victim Has a Concealed Carry Permit?

Things were going so well for these criminals, until this. 

A recent robbery went awry for two masked men in a Subway sandwich store. The two men stride confidently into the store where one man is getting ready to order, and two employees stand behind the counter.

Initially, the duo split and one of the masked men confronts the customer and while the other approaches the store clerks. That is when things started to go downhill for the bad guys.

Watch this video to see how it unfolds.

WARNING: Graphic content not suited for younger viewers. 

Most sources around the web contend this event unfolded in Brazil and the man is an off-duty cop. Reports also claim the man shot in the video later died of his wounds.

With all of the gun debate raging here in America this video, and others like it, can, and should, enter the debate on how we proceed.

Concealed carry laws vary from state to state, and it is the duty of individuals to know and abide by laws of each state.

Concealed carry is one part of the gun debate people in America disagree over. Odds are if you start a conversation with ten different people on concealed carry laws, you are likely to get ten different responses on what they should be.

Whatever your individual thoughts, this video should carry some weight of the effectiveness of a concealed weapon in a potential threatening situation.

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What Happens When The Victim Has a Concealed Carry Permit?