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What Happens When Lions Fight a Crocodile for Food? [VIDEO]


Move over, crocodile – these lions think it’s their turn at the buffet table.

So you’re on a safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa, and you stumble across a 14-foot crocodile standing guard over his buffalo dinner. Pretty cool sight, right?

As cool as it may be, I’d definitely keep a safe distance away. I’m not trying to steal his dinner (or lose a leg). But, I’m not an equally enormous (and hungry) predator, am I? When two 400-pound male lions arrive for the dinner party, they show zero concern over the enormous reptile just a few feet away. So, what happens when lions fight a crocodile for food?

Spoiler alert: The crocodile did not want dinner guests.

It’s hard to imagine a crocodile backing down from any fight (he does make a valiant effort to rip one lion’s head off, after all), but I can imagine that having a claw imbedded in your head is a bit of an appetite-spoiler.

Man, African safaris are intense.

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What Happens When Lions Fight a Crocodile for Food? [VIDEO]