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What Happens When a Gator Attacks a Truck? [VIDEO]


You won’t believe how much damage a gator can do to a truck with its jaws.

We all know that the gator is a very fearsome creature. They can strike with lightning quickness and have an extremely powerful biting force. Add that to their tendency to go into a death roll, their ability to seem almost invisible in the water, and their sheer size and you have one deadly killing machine.

That especially applies if you are an egret, muskrat or some other unfortunate creature on the gator menu. It also apparently applies if you like to drive your pickup truck near gator territory. One watch of this video is all it will take for you to give a gator a wide berth whether you are in a truck or not.

One bite of gator jaws is all it takes for the bumper to be completely removed from the truck in the video. Perhaps the gator had a nest nearby or just felt threatened enough by the truck to attack. Whatever the case, I just wonder what that guy told his insurance company. Are gator attacks covered?

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What Happens When a Gator Attacks a Truck? [VIDEO]