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What Happens When You Fire a Gun Underwater? [VIDEO]

Let’s find out what it looks like to fire a gun underwater…in super slow motion.

Here is a video that demonstrates what happens to to a bullet when firing the gun underwater.

Firing three different types of Hornady 9mm ammo with the gun underwater, the camera takes 42,700 frames per second to give us an awesome slow motion view.

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The Hornady TAP FPD 9 mm hollow point was shot first, and the jacket traveled 80 cm while the core kept going for a total of 110 cm.

Next, they shoot the Hornady Critical Duty 9 mm Flex Tip hollow point which travels farther than the first, going a total distance of 125 cm.

For the final shot, the Hornady 9mm full metal jacket was used and wins the day with a total distance of 210 cm.

So, now we all know what kind of ammo we should use if a two-headed sharknado apocalypse happens…

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What Happens When You Fire a Gun Underwater? [VIDEO]