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What Happens When a Baby Elephant Fights Back Against 14 Lions? [VIDEO]

Watch as a baby elephant fights back against a fourteen lion attack.

When this one-year-old baby elephant was separated from his mother, a pack of lionesses on the hunt assumed they were in for some easy prey.

Outnumbered by one of Africa’s top predators 14 to one, it didn’t look like this youngster stood a chance.

While on tour of the area at the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zamibia, UK naturalist Steve Baker captured the battle on film.

You can hear the concern and frustration in Baker and his colleague’s voices as they watch what they all expected to be a tragic encounter unfold.

To everyone’s surprise, this young elephant did the unexpected and fought back. The odds stacked heavily against him, this baby, now appropriately named Hercules, just wouldn’t give up.

“We were all so worried the baby elephant would be killed right before us.” said Innocent, one of the top guides at the park and the driver of the tour that day.

He sustained only minor injuries from the lion attack and park rangers say he has since been reunited with his herd.

It’s just another example of nature proving how sometimes brains are more powerful than brawn!

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What Happens When a Baby Elephant Fights Back Against 14 Lions? [VIDEO]