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What Happens When Ammo is Fired? [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what it looks like when your round is fired?

Admit it. We have all wondered what it looks like when a round is set off before it leaves the chamber. What is the sequence behind it and how does the primer really get set off? Now we can see how ammo is fired with this new animation.

In this video of the GECO Hexagon round, we get to see a nice 3D view of what a round is made of and how it fires. While this is an advertisement for the Hexagon Round, this is still a great video showing us what really goes on. It starts to get really interesting around the 1:30 mark in the video.

Check it out!

How cool is that!

The animation and rendering is amazing in this video and really gives you an idea of how a round will work. I love the animation at the end showing the bullet piercing the paper target.

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What Happens When Ammo is Fired? [VIDEO]