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What Would You Do If This Happened to You While Bass Fishing?

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Check out this video of a canoer paddling through a canal while an angler is bass fishing and see how you would have reacted.

When you spend a lot of time on the water, whether you are bass fishing or targeting any other species, you are likely to run into other outdoor enthusiasts. They might be other anglers or simply others enjoying the outdoors. Interacting with others in the outdoors can be a positive experience a lot of the time. However, sometimes those situations are less than positive things.

Take the guy bass fishing in this video. He is working a small canal with his bass gear. There is barely enough room to fit his boat and allow him to cast. According to the video description, the angler is working a nicely sized bass. However, before he can entice the bass to bite his lure, a canoer picks that exact moment to paddle through the canal and right over the bass which likely scared it away.

For anyone who has spent time bass fishing, it is easy to understand just how frustrating that would be. Unfortunately, there really isn't much this angler could have done differently. The canoer had just as much right to that area as the angler. Pretty much anything the angler might have said or done would have only led to an argument or fight.

Simply letting the canoer go by without any issue was definitely the best course of action that could have been taken in this situation. The angler in the video provides a good example for other anglers who might find themselves in similar circumstances.

After all, letting the canoer pass was the fastest way for this angler to get back to bass fishing!




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What Would You Do If This Happened to You While Bass Fishing?