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Hank Williams Jr. Supports Alabama Deer Hunting Bill


Hank Williams Jr. recently supported a new Alabama deer hunting bill about the use of bait.

Hank Williams Jr. can do more than sing; he also loves to hunt. The singer recently supported an Alabama deer hunting bill repeal.

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The bill passed the Agriculture Conservation and Forestry Committee by a 9-2 vote, and will repeal a state law which bans the use of corn or bait.

Hank Williams Jr. advocated the passing of the bill, telling reporters his feelings about the current rules, arguing it’s not always fairly enforced. The current law mandates the hunter must be more than 100 yards away from any bait. Hank Williams Jr. added that many other states have no such restrictions, and Alabama’s deer population is very strong.

Tom Whatley, the bill’s sponsor, said deer cause millions of dollars in damage in vehicle accidents each year. This marks the fifth year Whatley has tried to get this legislation passed.

Among those opposed is Paul Sanford, who told reporters, “This country boy doesn’t need the bait.”

Hank Williams Jr. closed out his address to the committee, saying that American Indians probably used bait to attract deer. And that Indian may have been named Kowaliga, he added.

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Hank Williams Jr. Supports Alabama Deer Hunting Bill