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Hank Strange Plays with Suppressed Kel-Tec [VIDEO]

Hank Strange

Hank Strange works on zeroing in a new suppressed Kel-Tec RDB for an upcoming video shoot.

Hank Strange is a novice weapons and gear enthusiast who has posted many videos since his adventure into firearms began. He films himself, family, and friends in some as they learn the ins and outs of various guns, gear, and life to share with others starting the same journey.

In this quick video, two guys from Kel-Tec Weapons stopped by Hank Strange’s place to shoot an upcoming video for Fourth of July. During their visit they helped Hank zero in his suppressed Kel-Tech RDB.

A lot of hardcore gun guys don’t think to highly of Kel-Tec’s cheaper run on the gun market. After seeing this I hope they rethink their opinion.

If someone who is still considered a novice can pop a target from 70+ yards away accurately, imagine what someone with more experience could do.

I was also highly impressed by how quiet that weapon was with the suppressor attached. The sound of the bullet pinging the metal targets down range was louder than the actual shooting.

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Hank Strange Plays with Suppressed Kel-Tec [VIDEO]