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Hank Patterson Hilariously Talks Fly Fishing ‘Must-Haves’

Hank Patterson talks fly fishing gear and the essentials you should have on hand proving he is the funny man of fly angling.

Hank Patterson talks fly fishing gear in this video while introducing a novice to the sport. Let’s just say it starts off as a few simple items, but grows rapidly as he thinks of all the “must-haves”.

Another great tutorial from Hank Patterson, but I am not really sure he trimmed the list down to the essentials, very funny nonetheless.

Mr. Patterson is a great entertainer and while he makes light of fly fishing, he is a passionate angler. He takes some of the mystery out of fly fishing and the perceived snobbery that can sometimes be associated with the sport to ensure it is a pastime that is accessible to all.

What can seem a very expensive pastime can be started with just a few essentials of the rod, waders, leader, tippet and a few flies and you will be fishing in no time after learning the basic cast and some knots. Helpful and knowledgeable guides are available to set future fly anglers on the right path and for a list of Orvis dealers to get the basics, see their store locator at this link.


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Hank Patterson Hilariously Talks Fly Fishing ‘Must-Haves’