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How to Hang a Bear Bag

Anyone traveling or camping in bear country should know how to hang a bear bag.

Camping with bears is not like camping in other areas. These curious creatures have a fantastic nose and may have grown used to raiding camp sites for food.

Anyone going on a spring bear hunt or camping in bear country on a summer trip should watch this basic video on how to hang a bear bag.

As you can see, learning how to hang a bear bag is a simple process with little equipment needed.

The only piece of the puzzle you may be missing is the actual bear bag. There are many different outlets offering bear bags for sale. Having and using a bear bag is essential to running a bear friendly camp.

Though the threat from bears is real, it is often overstated. The old adage "they are more scared of you than you are of them," holds true in most cases. That being said, much education has been shared with campers to help avoid negative contact.

Generally speaking the best ways to avoid a bear encounter are to give them their space, run a clean camp without food laying around, and to eliminate as much smell as possible from your camp.

Most human and bear contact results from sloppy camping practices by people coupled with the opportunistic nature of bears. Knowing how to hang a bear bag will greatly decrease your odds of having a negative experience with a bear.

Although a bear bag will not guarantee you avoid bears, knowing how to hang an bear bag is a step in the right direction. Anybody headed to bear country is encouraged to pack one along.


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How to Hang a Bear Bag