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Could You Handle Persistence Hunting in the Kalihari Desert?

Think you’re a pretty good hunter? Maybe you should give persistence hunting a try.

Persistence hunting (as opposed to subsistence hunting) involves finding an animal and chasing them to the point of exhaustion.

These hunters are after the beautiful and fleet-footed kudu of the Kalihari Desert. After finding a herd, they separate a bull from the rest of the animals, then the chase is on.

Watch the video to see how long it lasts, how it ends, and if you’d have the mental and physical toughness to be successful at persistence hunting.

Most hunters rely on humans’ superior intellect and technology to bring down their prey, but in persistence hunting, hunters rely on their physical advantages to do what seems like it would be impossible and literally chase down their prey.

While I don’t expect to see persistence hunters jogging through the woods after whitetails any time soon, there are many lessons to be learned from persistence hunting. Here’s some examples:

  • Get in Shape — You’re probably not going to run for eight hours through the blazing desert sun, but being in shape will help you make it to the top of a ridge or negotiate a sketchy creek crossing. Plus, hunting is way more fun if you are not huffing and puffing and feeling physical pain.
  • Be Persistent — Although the persistence hunting method may not apply to your quarry, the mental toughness to keep pressing on does. Put in some extra hours in the treestand, hike farther than your competition, and hunt as hard on the last day of your hunt as you did on the first. Persistent hunters are successful hunters, period.
  • Respect Your Quarry — Taking an animal’s life is a big deal. Treat it like one. The hunters in the video conduct rituals to honor the fallen kudu. Every hunter’s beliefs are different, but everyone should respect and be thankful for the animals they harvest.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give persistence hunting a try? Well, me neither, but watching these guys do what they do has certainly made me think about my own mental and physical toughness and how that applies to my hunts.

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Could You Handle Persistence Hunting in the Kalihari Desert?