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Handi-Racker Makes Racking a Pistol Easy [VIDEO]

For anyone who has trouble racking a pistol, the Handi-Racker comes to the rescue.

The Handi-Racker is one of those shooting accessories you never knew you needed.

In addition to being a wonderful assistive device for those who lack the strength to safely rack a pistol, the Handi-Racker also assists in the disassembly of pistols. Clearing a jam is also made easy with this simple, yet effective device.


While the Handi-Racker certainly won’t be useful to every shooter out there, it can help to make shooting a safer and more comfortable activity for some.

If you or someone you know has trouble racking the slide of their pistol, but wants to continue shooting safely, then you may want to give the Handi-Racker a try.

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Handi-Racker Makes Racking a Pistol Easy [VIDEO]