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Handgun Malfunctions: Out of Battery [VIDEO]

What do you do if you encounter an Out of Battery Malfunction?

There you are, shooting along without any problems when suddenly, the gun doesn’t feel right. The slide didn’t cycle correctly after the last round and now the trigger is mushy. What is going on?

Chances are you have run into a Out Of Battery Malfunction. This occurs when the slide does not fully go forward into battery, allowing the trigger and action to fully reset. But there are a couple of ways to clear the problem.

Uros from Polenar Tactical will show us the best ways to clear this malfunction.


Malfunctions can be a hassle in a competition, but can be life or death in a real gunfight. Sometimes they are easily cleared with a Tap, Rack, Reassess. Other times, you may have to sweep out the stovepipe or clear a double feed.

Regardless, make sure you pay attention to what your gun is doing and it will be a reliable tool to protect your life and your loved ones.

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Handgun Malfunctions: Out of Battery [VIDEO]