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Handgun Lockbox Drill for the Indoor Range [VIDEO]

When you’re stuck on a static range, here is a handgun drill you can run to practice home defense.

Being able to move around to practice dynamic shooting drills is the best way to learn. But what about when you are stuck on a static range? During the winter, being able to go outside is tough and makes it hard to stay in practice. If you go to an indoor range and are locked into a small booth area for shooting, you can’t move around to practice all the drills you may like.

That is when handgun drills like these come in handy. Here, Andy Loeffler from the Personal Defense Network, demonstrates a drill that can help you stay in practice and simulate a real-world scenario.

This drill is run using a pistol case to simulate a lockbox, you can bring your actual lockbox to the range and practice with it. It involves retrieving and loading your home-defense weapon and putting accurate shots on target.

Check out how to run the drill.

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This handgun drill is great for practice. You can just imagine yourself behind a dresser, desk, or table and retrieving your handgun in time to defend your family.

Keeping our skills honed during the winter can be tough, but finding handgun drills like this one will help you to stay great shooting shape.

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Handgun Lockbox Drill for the Indoor Range [VIDEO]