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Handgun Basics in Under 60 Seconds [VIDEO]

Whether you’re an expert or beginner, a refresher on gun basics never hurts. This video will take up less time than your brushing your teeth, hopefully.

Handgun shooting has become more popular than ever in recent years, but mastering proper technique and becoming accurate is a challenge. There are some variations, but the basics are still the same across the board.

You can watch here and do a little comparison to your habits, whether they are good or bad.

For beginners, this video definitely provides an idea and look into getting started. It’s all about muscle memory and repetition, nothing beats actual practice at the range. If that practice isn’t the right techniques, you likely won’t be happy with the results and the difficulties in changing.

Studying up on survival skills or hobbies you enjoy can always teach you a little more.

Today, it’s easier to learn from others and with all the available information without ever leaving home. This might just provide you with a little something to try next time you visit the range.

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Handgun Basics in Under 60 Seconds [VIDEO]