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Handgun 101 With Chris Cheng [VIDEO]

Handgun Tips and Tricks from Top Shot Winner, Chris Cheng.

Those of us familiar with History Channel's show Top Shot, should recognize the name Chris Cheng. As Top Shot Season 4 winner, Chris had to prove he knew how to shoot and think his way through many courses of fire. Author, NRA commentator and competitive shooter sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, Chris has proven he knows which end of a gun is the business end.

In this new series of videos, Chris has partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to bring you the fundamentals that make a Top Shot Champion.

Here is Chris to tell you more about the Handgun 101 series:

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Whether a veteran shooter or a newcomer to the sport, Chris Cheng's series of videos has something for everyone to learn from. You can learn something new about shooting every day.


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Handgun 101 With Chris Cheng [VIDEO]