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So This is What a Handful of Baby Crabs Looks Like

If you've ever wondered what a handful of baby crabs looks like, you'll have your answer after watching this video.

In general, the majority of people agree that baby animals are cute. However, when they say that, most people are referring to things like puppies, kittens, and other furry animals. If you show those people this video of baby crabs, don't be surprised if they quickly change their opinion.

If you want to see the result, then watch the video below. This is your last warning if you are squeamish at all...

For one thing, there are a ton of baby crabs in this video. If the squirming mass of baby crabs on the sand of the beach aren't enough to send a shiver down your spine, don't worry. It isn't long before the person filming the video reaches down and picks up a handful of the small invertebrates.

If the writhing mass of baby crabs in this video proves one thing, it's that we don't have to worry about crabs going extinct anytime soon. That is good news for anyone who enjoys cracking open crab claws for dinner.


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So This is What a Handful of Baby Crabs Looks Like