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Hammering Schools of Monster Crappies [VIDEO]

It's one thing to catch a 16-inch monster crappie. It's another thing entirely to catch several of them in a couple minutes.

This footage from Uncut Angling is difficult to believe.

The host, Aaron Wiebe, pulls in slab after slab from a school of aggressive monster crappies using some interesting tactics.

Check out the ridiculously fast-paced action footage below.


A couple of things stand out to me about the video. First, I'm impressed with the resourcefulness of the host. Not wanting to pass on a free resource (i.e., deer roadkill), Wiebe makes a bucktail jig right on the lake. The stiff deer hairs make a solid minnow profile that don't rotate around the hook like plastics.

Second, not wanting to spook the school of aggressive monster crappies below him, Wiebe collects the fish in a bucket of water. This also helps him to quickly get his lure back down to where the fish are. If you're catch and release fishing, this is a dicey technique as it can stress the fish. But if you're planning on keeping some eaters, or you've always wanted a monster crappie on your wall, this works great.

The fish locator is also instrumental to his success. Immediately after dropping the lure down, he is quickly able to pinpoint where the fish are. That being said, these are some unbelievably aggressive monster crappies. It doesn't take much coaxing to get the fish to come up the water column and bite. But having the right gear helps!

Happy fishing!

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Hammering Schools of Monster Crappies [VIDEO]