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Hammerheads Outnumber Kayak Angler in This Awesome Footage [VIDEO]

When hammerheads outnumber this kayak angler during an intense catch, the tension thickens with each moment.

This video was shared on YouTube by Adam Fisk, who captured the footage while saltwater fishing in his kayak. The descriptions states that Fisk hooked the shark with a bonito a mere five feet away from his kayak, and was dragged about 250 feet. The shark ended up being around 11 feet long.

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Although on the surface this looks like a lot of first-person shots with little action actually going on, we were able to glean some insight just watching this guy do his thing.

With extra poles there’s an added element of difficulty, and Adam has to continuously maneuver his rod and line above and around those other rods. The way he’s getting dragged around, it’s almost like he has a motor on his kayak.

Of course, we aren’t left waiting for action too long, as we see the underwater angle at around the 3:45 mark and get our first good glimpse at the hammerhead. Then, at 4:27, he swings the camera backwards to get a shot of the second hammerhead who was following behind! Incredible stuff, and likely a nerve-racking experience for Fisk.

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Hat tip to Facebook fan and avid Wide Open Spaces reader Zach Hammer Miller, founder and President at Team Rebel Fishing, for alerting us to the video.

What would you do if there were two or more hammerhead sharks underneath your solo kayak?

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Hammerheads Outnumber Kayak Angler in This Awesome Footage [VIDEO]