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Hammerhead Shark Annihilates Tarpon on Angler’s Line [VIDEO]

It seems all too often tarpon are lost to sharks while anglers struggle to get them to the boat. This hammerhead gives no quarter to his friend the tarpon.

Tarpon are fast and agile. They breach often while being fought and also happen to be one of the most sought-after game fish in the world. Hammerhead sharks are also fast and agile…and deadly.

This specimen was doing fine, and was probably on the way to being released before a large hammerhead shark took notice of the battle.

Watch the video and see if you would have done anything differently to save the doomed tarpon.

Caution: Language NSFW

It looked as if the angler realized what was about to happen and attempted to scare the shark away – but it was over before it started. That hammerhead was on that fish like flies on…well, you get the idea.

Too bad for the tarpon; but hey, sharks have to eat too.

I’ve seen this happen a lot in videos and televised fishing programs. It seems the tarpon often comes away unscathed, but I wonder how often this occurs away from the camera, as the fish tries to regain its composure after release.


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Hammerhead Shark Annihilates Tarpon on Angler’s Line [VIDEO]