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Halo Optics Reveals Their New 1,000-Yard Rangefinder

Halo Optics

With all the hunting gear and gadgets on the market, it's hard to narrow down what you really need. But for hunters and shooters alike, a rangefinder is critical to success.

In order to accurately place bullet, arrow, or bolt, you have to know your distance to the target. You can have the most accurate gun or bow available, but without knowing your shooting distance, they're useless.

A reliable laser range-finding device can easily give you an accurate measure to help you shoot consistently on target.

Of course, for long-distance hunters and precision shooters you'll need more from your rangefinder than what a basic model would provide.

The new ZIR10X Laser Rangerfinder from Halo Optics is a well-engineered 1000-yard model that offers true long-range capability. Packed with features and priced at at $229.99, this rangefinder delivers exceptional value.

Halo Optics

Halo Optics has a reputation for consistently pushing the envelope and delivering the most technologically advanced models on the market. And despite its moderate price point, the new hand-held  ZIR10X model is no exception.

With 6x magnification, the most serious hunters and shooters can depend on a clear view of targets in a wide range of light conditions and at varying distances.

Not only does the Halo ZIR10X deliver accuracy to + / - one yard, it automatically detects and compensates for elevation changes using angle intelligence technology. As result, you'll see a true ballistic distance on your display.

The display is an easy-to-read, color LCD screen with both dusk and dawn display modes. Even in low-light conditions, you're able to clearly see the reticle, battery status, mode setting, numerical display and unit of measure, which is selectable by yards or meters.

The ZIR10X comes in a water-resistant, dual-density housing built to withstand the most rugged conditions. It's Soft Touch grip extends which extends over the objective lens is designed to minimize glare.

One of the most useful features that really adds value to the Halo ZIR10X is it's ability to range targets in two modes. The standard mode outputs a precise distance reading with a single push of the button. But if you'd like to quickly scan multiple targets, the convenient scan mode allows you to without having to reactivate the laser in between.

Halo Optics
Halo Optics

If you've been searching for an affordable rangefinder that delivers both quality and performance, Halo's new ZIR10X model might be your answer.

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Halo Optics Reveals Their New 1,000-Yard Rangefinder