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Is the Haley Strategic: Incog Rifle Bag Worth It?

Hiding in plain sight with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of shooting equipment can now be done easily with the Incog Rifle Bag.

I have personally been trying to order this bag for quite some time now. The price point is a little high at hundred and $170, however it was well worth every last dollar.

The nylon is 1000 denier so it's going to be very durable and water resistant. However, by the good graces of tax season, I now am a proud owner.

The first thing that I noticed was that the handle was very durable and the bag overall looks like it was more of a gym bag than anything else. The front pocket is actually only accessible from the inside of the bag. The over the shoulder strap is concealed on the opposite side of the bag. The strap releases quickly  for moments when you need to shoulder carry your bag. I also really like the grey color. Grey tends to blend into most environments and the bag continues to be unassuming in that color.

The internal Molly webbing is very useful as it can securely stow your broken down AR 15. This bag can easily store one carbine one pistol and applicable magazines that go with the weapons that are stored. The video highlights what type of gear work well with the bag. However you can also incorporate any other type of pouches or holsters that you already own.

While this bag isn't necessarily specific to any advanced shooting level, it can definitely help keep your shooting kit together. Some people like myself like to train with one specific rifle and one specific pistol even though we own multiple rifles and pistols.

Feel free to check out the Incog bag on the video, and also stop over at Haley Strategic website and check out their firearms accessories. Travis Haley is the CEO of the company and also one of the innovative minds that goes into building his products. Haley, was a special forces Marine Corps operator, and has lots of shooting experience. Haley, knows the types of products he would have liked to have used and has been offering these products to the public. I'm always excited to support a fellow Devil Dog, and definitely believe in Haley's instruction and experience.


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Is the Haley Strategic: Incog Rifle Bag Worth It?