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Did These Guys See a Black Mountain Lion in Pennsylvania? [VIDEO]

The guys from Leatherwoods Outdoors are hunting deer in Pennsylvania when they spot what they believe to be a black mountain lion.

For those unfamiliar with the issue of mountain lions in Pennsylvania, the debate has raged for years between the PA Game Commission, which claims that the species does not exist in the commonwealth, and many hunters and outdoorsmen who claim to have seen mountain lions in Pennsylvania.

Watch the video to see if you think this is really a black mountain lion in Clarion county Pennyslvania.

It's too bad the autofocus on the camera made the image of the large cat so blurry. We may have had the first indisputable evidence of mountain lions in PA. The guys taking the video are certainly convinced that what they saw was a black mountain lion.

Although the existence of mountain lions in Pennsylvania is unlikely, these predators are becoming more widespread.

In June of 2011 a mountain lion was hit by a car on a Connecticut highway. Genetic testing revealed that the 140 pound predatory cat had migrated all the way from South Dakota.

I've lived in Pennsylvania all my life, spend lots of time outdoors, and have never had a mountain lion encounter. However, I do know some people that I would consider reliable sources that claim to have seen one.

What do you think? Is this really a black mountain lion in Pennsylvania?

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Did These Guys See a Black Mountain Lion in Pennsylvania? [VIDEO]