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‘Guys on Ice’ is the Best Fishing Musical Ever!

BDN Maine

Fishing musicals are few and far between, but ‘Guys on Ice’ is now playing and it’s one of the best ice-fishing-themed musicals ever. 

Now playing at the Bangor Opera House, “Guys on Ice” is a production by the Penobscot Theater Company that shows good things come to those who bait.

Set in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, “Guys on Ice” is a delightful satire on the joy of fishing and those who love it so. It tackles things that are important to the ice angler like fishing with your buddy, talking about the Packers, becoming a star of a fishing television show, and of course, drinking lots of beer.

Dominick Varney, a first-time director of PTC does a great job keeping the audience entertained by transitioning from the small confines of shanty to the ice for big dance numbers. “Guys on Ice” is full of satirical songs whose titles are funny enough to make you laugh out loud: “Wishing Hole,” “The One That Got Away,” “Fish Is A Miracle Food,” and “Ode to a Snowmobile Suit.” A few of the many numbers in the musical.

The story centers around two main characters Marvin and Lloyd. Marvin is an optimist who feels landing himself a spot on a ice fishing show would really help him get a date. While Lloyd is the cranky angler in the midst of a personal crisis regarding his marriage. Marvin and Lloyd are joined by Ernie the Moocher, who delivers laugh after laugh as the high energy jokester of “Guys on Ice.”

The set is designed by Chez Cherry and coupled with Scott Hough’s lighting design and Kevin Koski’s costumes, the feeling of the musical is very authentic right down to the ice shanty, complete with a wood stove and repurposed road signs.

“Guys on Ice” will run until Feb. 15 at the Bangor Opera House; more on the play here.

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‘Guys on Ice’ is the Best Fishing Musical Ever!