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This Guy's Gun Tattoo Almost Got Him Arrested

Central Maine

Michael Smith was woken up by a tree removal service on his property. They called the police because they thought he had a gun, and he sort of did. 

A shirtless Maine man emerged from his house after being woken up by a tree removal company that was on his property. He spoke his peace and soon went back to sleep. That is, until Maine State Police arrived at his doorstep.

Wielding assault rifles in various sniper positions in the driveway, the Maine State Police were called after the workers of the tree company thought they saw Michael Smith with a gun. What they really saw was his tattoo: a handgun conveniently on his body in a carry position.

According to Central Maine, no charges were filed and Smith obliged the inconvenience with a smile. Maine State Police Trooper Scott Duff said about the incident, "Obviously it was a misunderstanding and he didn't have a weapon, but we had to respond to the initial report as if he did."

Just wearing pants, Smith had left his house early in the morning to tell the tree removal to get off his property, albeit a little grumpy since they had woken him up. There was no major confrontation and the workers agreed to leave after Smith spoke his peace. However, one of the workers thought they saw that pistol in the waistband of Smith's pants and what's now hilarity ensued.

Despite the fuss, Smith said he really doesn't regret the tattoo, even after all these years. It's the not the first time it was mistaken for a real one, too, as once he was getting arrested and had to own up to having an almost-gun in the form of his gun tattoo.


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This Guy's Gun Tattoo Almost Got Him Arrested