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Are These Guys Fishing for a Fish or an Eagle?

eagle steals fish

With several opportunities to reel their fish in, these fisherman seem to try for an opportunity to catch an eagle instead.

Recently we've seen quite a few videos where eagles are snatching away a fisherman's catch. For some, it ruins the day, but for others, it makes for quite the exciting and unique experience. Described as an opportunist feeder, the bald eagle holds true to their definition as it swoops from the sky and takes whatever it can get, even if it attached to a hook and fishing line.

The video below however has brought about some controversy recently as it appears as though these fishermen are taunting the eagle with their catch. It seems as there was ample amount of time to reel in the fish. The video shows as though both the cameraman and fisherman appear to be more focused on surfacing the fish in attempt to draw the eagle in for a strike.

The eagle is a fascinating bird and I'll never forget the time I had something very similar happen to my buddy and I. We were pier fishing brackish water in southern Maryland when my buddy hooked into a blue fish. Out of no where a Golden Eagle came in and as it made an attempt at our catch, it actually became caught up in our fishing line.

Luckily for the eagle, and us, it quickly became untangled. The local officer from the Department of Natural Resources showed us the eagles nest and ensured us of its safety.

Our attempt at catching a fish was just that, however this video appears to be more of an attempt to catch an eagle. What are your thoughts? Has anything like this happened to you?


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Are These Guys Fishing for a Fish or an Eagle?