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Guys Dig Out and Rescue Moose They Saw Get Buried in an Avalanche

Alaska Dispatch News

These guys finished off 2014 with an awesome good deed!

On Dec. 28 at Hatcher Pass, almost 60 miles northeast of Anchorage in a place the locals like to call “God’s Country,” three men were riding their snowmachines when they spotted something in the snow.

“It looked like a guy’s arm at first because we were expecting to see a skier,” Mobley said. “But it was moaning and groaning and moving and we realized it was a moose, even though only his ears and some of its snout was sticking out of the snow.”

Marty Mobley, 44, Rob Uphus, 33, and Avery Vucinich, 27, were the three do-gooders involved in the moose rescue that day.

The men didn’t waste any time jumping into action. One of them stayed on avalanche lookout and the other two grabbed their shovels and got to work. The moose didn’t give them any trouble either, as if it knew these men were there to help, and after only 10 minutes of digging the moose was almost completely out of the snow. With one last effort from the men the moose was freed. Thankfully, the moose seemed to be uninjured by its avalanche adventure.

“It stood right up and towered over us, because we were in kind of a hole from the digging,” Mobley said. “It looked like the abominable snowman because its fur was so packed with snow and it looked at us, shook the snow off it, and off it went.”

According to these men, the moose probably slid close to 2,000 feet down the mountain before getting trapped by the avalanche.

“I am an animal lover, and I couldn’t leave it there,” Mobley said. “Besides, we deal with a lot of avalanches and a lot of snow. That kind of karma is something we don’t pass up.”

The three of them should have some pretty good karma going into the new year. Awesome job, guys!

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Guys Dig Out and Rescue Moose They Saw Get Buried in an Avalanche