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These Guys Cut Open a YETI Tumbler to See Inside

Let’s cut open YETI tumbler to get a good look at what is inside.

What is awesome about this video is that they do some rad experiments with the YETI tumbler before they cut them open. Not only do they test the YETI 30oz and 20oz tumblers they also test out the Arctic tumbler series as well.

Here’s their product test/destruction video.

The test results are extremely surprising and actually reinforce many of the thoughts that we all have been thinking. Much like the product test comparing the YETI tumblers to the Ozark Trail tumblers, this one proves the YETI has effectiveness advantages over competitors.

This shows that not only do the YETI tumblers keep liquid cool during extreme heat scenarios, but they are ridiculously durable. The YETI took the high heat of the oven and a blow from an axe without being severely compromised.

I’d say that is a cup worth investing in!


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These Guys Cut Open a YETI Tumbler to See Inside