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Guy's Catch Pole Comes in Handy While Coyote Trapping [VIDEO]

Coyote trapping and relocating isn't the easiest job in the world, like working with any wild animal, it can be unpredictable.

This guy manages to make good use out of his catch pole to keep the coyote at a safe distance and get him into the cage for transport. Using extra precaution when dealing with predators that pack a bite is always a good idea.

I'm taking a large male Mississippi Coyote out of a MB550 trap and putting in a transport cage.

Predator control can seem like an never-ending chore for outdoorsmen trying to manage a hunting property. The population of numerous wild game animals that might be in your hunting area can be severely be diminished if proper predator control isn't a priority.

If you aren't taking care of business with your weapon, then you have to take other measures, such as trapping and relocating, in your hands.

This man shows us that he has successful coyote trapping skills and puts them to good use.

Thanks for the video!

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Guy's Catch Pole Comes in Handy While Coyote Trapping [VIDEO]