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Fisherman Goes Overboard to Catch a Tournament-Winning Muskie

Duluth News Tribune

This guy had to go overboard to secure a victory in a Minnesota muskie tournament!

Andrew Judnick went above and beyond to win the Professional Musky Tournament Trail event on Lake Vermilion in Minnesota.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, Judnick and his dad, Robert, were fishing in the tournament held August 7 and 8. The younger Judnick hooked into a huge, 48-inch muskie right along the side of the boat.

Things got even more interesting when he attempted to net the huge fish. The muskie missed the net, and the lure ended up tangled in it. Judnick had to think fast, but it didn’t go quite as he anticipated.

“I was leaning over and trying to grab the fish by the tail,” Judnick told a reporter. “I slipped and fell in. I was in the lake and when I came up, everything was a blur.”

In all the commotion, the fish had somehow not managed to escape, and Judnick was able to get his arm under the muskie. Judnick’s dad was also able to get a hand under the fish’s gill and help guide it into the net.

“We had quite a few laughs after that,” said Judnick.

The odd catch ended up being just one of the highlights of the weekend. Judnick and his father won first place and $16,000 in prize money in the catch-and-release tournament. The father/son team caught five muskies, ranging from 43 ¾ inches to 50 ¾ inches.

The tournament uses a photo verification format to determine a winner. Anglers rack up points based on the size and number of fish they catch. Judnick, a part-time muskie fishing guide, and his father outdistanced their closest competition by 131 points.

“We were trying to fish the off-the-grid spots, not pounding the community spots,” said Judnick. “I think that’s part of the reason we caught our fish. The ones we were seeing weren’t getting thrown at all day.”

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Fisherman Goes Overboard to Catch a Tournament-Winning Muskie